Great Northern War: Stats & Special Rules For Black Powder/Pike & Shotte

Attached to this post are the unit stats for Swedes and Russians, plus mods and notes.

They are designed for Warlord Games Pike & Shotte, but can also be used with Black Powder.

We use 10mm figures, so the smaller distances in P&S make more sense, without having to adjust them.

We reduced musketry from 18″ to 12″.

These stats have been used for 6 battles so far.  At first look, they appear to make the Swedes hugely powerful.  Which they were.

However, in our games, the Swedes may have the punch, but the Russians usually have around a third more units and artillery batteries, and sometimes redoubts as well.

As an example of our last game, 24 Russian battalions (including 6 guard battalions, and 2 grenadier battalions, 12 dragoon regiments, and 7 batteries, took on 14 Swedish battalions (4 guard), 8 cavalry regiments, and 4 batteries.

We did not (never have) use the brigade break point rules, finding that unit and support break tests through the game have been sufficient to show a clear result.

On that last game, the Swedes, crashed through the Russian horse and first line, but took so much damage, that they eventually just ran out of steam.  Pretty historical.

This is slightly asymmetrical warfare, and as the Russian player, you have to maximise firepower, reserves, and avoid contact for as long as possible, to wear the Swedes down, if you just line up and let them smash into you, you will break,

Again, pretty historical.

Anyway, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the stats (pdf).

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