Great Northern War: Ingermanlandski Regiment

I’ll start this post with a caveat.

The unit I have just finished is the Russian Ingermanlandski regiment. A fine, veteran regiment under Peter the Great.

However, they probably didn’t wear the lovely yellow coats on display here.

According to the latest research, and explained in the excellent book on the Russian army from Helion, the yellow uniform was proposed, and the standard was yellow, but the yellow coat never happened.

So although this unit should be yet another Russian infantry unit in green coats with red cuffs and stockings, I have decided that the proposal happened!

Pendaken great northern war
Basing underway!

These are more figures from a large batch I had painted abroad by Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka. If you are considering it, don’t worry, they are great guys and I have been very pleased with the returned figures.

They work out at just £0.40 a figure for block painting. When they arrive back, I slap on some thinned Army Painter dark tone, and then matt varnish them, and they are done.

Basing involves my rapid basing method I outlined in an earlier post here.

Great Northern War Ingermanlandsky Regiment 10mm
Wargames Porn!

pendraken 10mm great northern war figures
Another view. Splendid cannon fodder for the charging Swedes!

That brings my totals (I think…) to 28 Russian infantry battalions, and 12 Russian dragoon regiments!

However, I still have enough figures for 3 more infantry battalions, and a whopping FIVE dragoon regiments left packed in the Fernando box!


On another topic, I have set-up a free directory on the site.

So if you have a blog, company website, club website, want to publicise your painting service, or other hobby related site you’d like to get a link to, you can click here to add your entry.

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