Gaming Resources

These are free gaming resources to download. They are for personal use only.

If you would like to contribute a resource, contact me and I’ll arrange the details with you and upload it here.

Stats & Mods

Personally-made (non-copyright) stat lines, unit capabilities, and rules mods for using with published wargames rules.

P&S GNW Stats & Mods 99.88 KB 10 downloads

Stat lines for the Swedes & Russians, plus mods for the core rules to reflect...

WW1 East Africa Stats & Mod 168.59 KB 7 downloads

This is a zip file containing a set of tailored stats for both sides, plus a full...

Samurai Stats For Hail Caesar 59.60 KB 2 downloads

A set of stat lines for using Hail Caesar to game the Samurai wars of the 16th-17th...

Black Powder Mod & Stats For The Russian Civil War 65.97 KB 1 downloads

A set of stats plus rules mods for the Russian Civil War. ...

Warlord Games Black Powder NWF Stats 57.69 KB 6 downloads

This is a set of stat lines for using Black Powder for the Northwest Frontier and...

    Wargames Flags

      Gaming Aids & Support


      Generic Quick Army Builder Labels For Fire & Fury 30.23 KB 4 downloads

      A sheet of labels that you can cut out (and laminate) that allow you to use them...

        Homebrew Wargames Rules

        Unpublished wargames rules, made available free for the gaming community.

        Glory! Grand Tactical Napoleonic Rules 173.04 KB 23 downloads

        A comprehensive grand tactical set of wargames rules for the Napoleonic wars. Author: ...

          Uniform Guides & General Army Information

          Information and writing on any related topic, or uniform guides.