The Swedes Have Arrived…….Plus MORE Russians!

An exciting day.  After four months, the Swedish army and the rest of the Russians have arrived.
Box arrived via UPS very well packed, with two smaller protective boxes inside.

Inside the two smaller boxes were the flat boxes containing the figures:

And as you can see, a huge amount of painted lead laid out inside them!  These are a few of the figures, I didn’t photograph them all, but the total is around 1000.

The contents now need to be given a coat of army painter dark tone, then a spray of matt varnish, then flags and basing.

In total the content of this painting order will give me:

Another 5 Russian infantry battalions
Another 3 Russian dragoon regiments
12 Swedish infantry battalions
10 Swedish cavalry/dragoon regiments

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Toxic Pixie

Stirring stuff! Were they "physically separated" by anything within the foam packing, or pressed in tight then the cardboard out taped up tight enough for them not to move?


Pressed tight and all edges taped down, so you have to run a knife along all the edges. Basically no they won't move in transit.