Welcome To WW1 East Africa

A new period is underway. WW1 East africa, using the small, but perfectly formed, Pendraken range (with a huge help from their Middle East and Colonial ranges as well…).

No figures to show you yet, they are done, but need some photos taken.

So as a taster, here is the table layout for the first game, complete with African huts (tuturial on making them soon), plus my scratchbuilt radio transmitter station….

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Noel Zaal
Noel Zaal

Hi – really enjoyed your posts on WW1 East Africa. Very inspiring because I also collect WW1 East Africa Pendraken. Like you, I have done a lot of converting and love the results. 10mm is perfect because the figs are big enough to have detail, yet the whole setup is small enough to give a sense of the vastness of Africa.
Will be following your future progress with huge interest – this is indeed a wonderful period for gaming.