Workbench Update….Plus SO MUCH MORE!

It’s been ages since I have had time to update this blog.  Work, life, illness, and the fact I have just been busy ploughing my way through finishing and basing more than 1200 figures in two months!

So this blog update is more of a journey from the past two months.

Finishing The Figures

This is the process I used for the figures as they arrived back from the figure painters (Fernando Enterprises).

They were blu-tacked onto strips, then a thin coat of army painter dark tone applied to each, then spray matt varnished, then based.

They were then based up using the usual process outlined in this post. Below is a shot of the three musketeer battalions of the Swedish Livgardet regiment:

great norther war lifeguard regiment

  And below four regiments of Swedish cavalry/dragoons, fully based and finished:

In total my forces now consist of:

26 Russian foot, 11 dragoons, 12 batteries

15 Swedish foot, 10 horse, 6 batteries

Gaming The Great Northern War….The First Game

So after nearly a year of this project I was ready to fight the first battle.  We did, and it went very well!

I will do an AAR soon with some photo’s, plus I’ll upload my P&S stats/rule mods as a pdf for people to use as they wish.

A spoiler though.  Despite the “super stats” and special rules, and an incredibly aggressive leadership, things did not turn out very well for Charles XII!

And finally for now, a gratuitous taster….

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