WW1 East Africa: British Infantry Company

I made quite a lot of progress in my WW1 East Africa project towards the end of last year.

The 10mm Pendraken sculpts are a joy to paint, and have just enough detail to make a block paint, then some slightly thinned dark tone Army Painter, just enough to make them shine.

10mm Pendraken WW1 Middle East British infantry company
British infantry company of 4 platoons with company HQ and HMG section.

As I said in my last post on this project, I am using Black Powder with some mods. The basic command is now not a brigade, but a company. So it’s a four platoon company (double company, not the early war eight company battalion).

Attached to the company is a two-gun HMG section, plus the company commander.

British infantry command and HMG section
British company commander and HMG section.

I’ll be posting more about this collection over the next few weeks, plus I’m having some more games soon, so I’ll be posting battle reports with photos, to maybe inspire some others to try this cheap, easy to paint, period that offers unlimited scope for scenarios!

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Andrew Bruce
Andrew Bruce

They look great


Take care


Peter P
Peter P

Really great stuff!